The Internet Stats That Matter Most In 2022 And Beyond

Internet Stats

Nothing has had a larger impact on our lives in the last several decades than the Internet Stats. However, how much do we truly know about the massive network that currently governs the world? 

The DataProt team examined the Internet for information regarding the Online World to answer this question. Check internet stats to get the open internet and discover the vast immensity of this virtual domain. It exists further beyond the boundaries of physical geography.

Facts You Should Know About the Internet Stats

In 2019, there will be 2.77 billion people using social media.

Every day, hackers get access to more than 90,000 websites.

By 2021, 67.2 percent of all eCommerce sales will be made via mobile devices.

In 2019, Facebook’s monthly active users topped 2.4 billion.

Every day, the Internet Stats sees over 4 million blog postings.

Facts about the Internet Stats

As seen by Internet Stats use , the internet’s reach has grown exponentially since its inception. To put things into perspective, we need to look at online statistics like these.

In mid of June 2019, 4,536,248,808 internet users around the globe were unique.

Data from the Internet World

Almost all of us have wondered at some point, “How many people use the internet?” In other words, it shows 58% of the world’s population. A growing number of people are logging on to the internet every day. There were 3.9 billion internet users in mid-2018, compared to approximately to internet users in late 2017.

People in China make up more than 20 percent of the world’s internet users

In 2018, China’s online population was higher than the combined populations of the United States, according to internet use statistics.

According to statistics, 98% of Chinese internet users access the internet using their mobile devices.

China achieved outstanding gains in 2018. It combines internet traffic with a burgeoning domestic mobile phone sector, with 788 million mobile users. The graph also shows how  mobile devices have become in China over the last decade. It is effective in the country’s network coverage.

There are moreover 500 million active social media users in India, which comes in second place

Data from the Internet World

India has made enormous strides forward in 2018, with half of the global population online. By 2019, that figure is likely to climb to 627 million. The state-sponsored push to provide internet connectivity in rural parts of the Indian subcontinent. It is the driving force behind this exceptional rise.

There are just 8.3 percent of the world’s internet users in the United States.

Data from the Internet World

North America is a developed country. Yet it only accounts for a modest percentage of worldwide internet traffic. Internet pioneers still dominate 5G infrastructure deployment in the United States. Every next phase of cellular data technology is expected to result in a large rise in internet use in the United States, according to available data.

Every day, people conduct almost 3.5 billion searches on Google

Although this number fluctuates, Google is still the largest search engine on the Internet, despite its fluctuating popularity. According to Google’s search data, the company handles more than 40,000 searches every second on average. An astounding 1.2 trillion searches each year may be derived from that. We can only anticipate these numbers to rise as the number of Online users globally continues to rise.

Global traffic on the internet has risen by more than 57% since 2014 thanks primarily to video streaming.

Streaming video dominates the internet, making up more than half of all downstream traffic. For the most part, Netflix accounts for 15% of downstream traffic, according to online bandwidth utilization data.

Every day, the internet sees over 4 million blog postings.

The amount of knowledge available on the internet appears to be unlimited, in large part because of the widespread usage of blogs by individuals. The internet’s ability to handle ever-increasing amounts of data is only getting stronger as the number of blogs on the planet approaches 600 million. Many huge websites are now embracing this approach, which was pioneered by individual bloggers, to remain competitive in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Spend a minimum of six and a half hours a day on the Internet Stats

According to our calculations, this is quite a bit. Figures show that Filipino internet users spend over ten hours a day on the Internet Stats. There are several outsourcing firms and their web presence is primarily work-related. Southeast Asians are the world’s most active internet users. According to data gleaned from the region’s heavy use of the internet at work.

All across the world, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Baidu are the most popular websites for searching the internet.

Is there a daily search rate for Google on the internet? About 5 billion. Moreover, 2 billion people are active on Facebook. About 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. Chinese search engine Baidu has 660 million monthly mobile users. The majority of internet traffic is controlled by a few big businesses, according to a traffic breakdown.

The most common CMS platform is WordPress, which has a 51% market share

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) online, powering over 27 million live websites. Facebook’s official blog is among the company’s most lucrative clients. Wix comes in second with almost 3.8 million websites, according to site statistics. The bronze medal goes to Squarespace, which has moreover 1.9 million active pages.

Mobile phones now account for over half of all Internet Stats traffic

Even though Google is the most dominating search engine in the world, you may not have recognized just how much. Google searches account for 13% of all time spent on mobile devices, demonstrating how the search engine has grown.

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